Meet Song of the Lakes

Song of the Lakes is a band not afraid to show their emotions as they belt out sea shanties, seduce you with a sultry Brazilian melody, or break your heart with a bittersweet ballad.

The band made itself a name with sea shanties and Irish melodies in the early 1980s, but their range has widened in the 40-year span the band has been together. They’ve delved into acoustic rock, Latin, jazz, and what they call Great Lakes World Music.

No matter what you decide to call the band’s music, you’ll love the revival quality that runs through all the songs. Their music is uplifting and transcending. It will take you to a different place, and you’re probably going to want to stay there. The band members – Lisa, Mike and Ingemar – live the good life and sing the praises of the gorgeous Great Lakes.

The band has six recordings to its credit, all with a tasteful mix of original and traditional songs.