The fourth release from Song of the Lakes, Horndance, takes the band to a new level. Produced by Nashville’s Hank Tilbury (who has worked with Randy Travis, Bruce Hornsby, John Hartford, Doc Watson, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band). In addition to the Celtic-tinged instruments and sea chanties for which the band is well-known, Horndance features a mix of ballads tongue-in-cheek slices of life, and bittersweet songs about relationships.

A daring recording with mostly original songs that takes the listener from the beginning of time, to the hills of Scandinavia to the Average Guy rocking and rolling all the way to the sea. The title cut “Horndance” takes the listener out into the swamp at the dawn of time. The band’s original classic favorites “Pearl of America” and “The Dancer” are featured.

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  1. Horndance
  2. Me and the Sea (download mp3)
  3. Afterglow
  4. Woman in the Twilight
  5. Utanmyra
  6. Average Guy
  7. Rising of the Moon
  8. Braes of Tulimet
  9. Fire in the Sky
  10. Sailboats
  11. Dancer
  12. Pearl of America
  13. Castle Kelly

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