Hondance Liner Notes

1. Horndance (The Meadow – Rick; the Horndance – Trad; Cernunnos’ arrival – Lisa & Mike; Dever the dancer – trad)
A mystical journey through evolution, capturing sounds of the Earth at a time when creatures and beasts rule the world. The tune combines the mystery, anticipation and exhilaration of creation.

2. Me and the Sea (I. Johansson, M. Sullivan)
When the world seems frantic, the sea shore, where the time is still, offers refuge and rejuvenation. A piece with an upbeat Caribbean style tempo that invites you to dance.

3. Afterglow (M. Sullivan, B. McGettigan)
A substaining memory of sensuality and tenderness on a Sunday morning. A reminder of one of life’s most touching moments.

4. Woman in the Twilight (I. Johansson, L. Johansson)
The ballad of a young women ready to leave her past and make it on her own, finding comfort in the voice of her father.

5. Utanmyra (Lisa’s and Ingemar’s adaptation of a traditional Swedish tune)
An instrumental mixing the traditions of people on both sides of the North Sea.

6. Average Guy (M. Sullivan, B. McGettigan)
A funny song about the guy inside all of us. Based on the premise that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the shortest nail gets hammered least.

7. Rising Of The Moon (traditional adaptation by Song of the Lakes)
An 18th century Irish call to arms.

8. Braes of Tulimet (traditional)
A medley that follows the stag dawn to dusk.

9. Fire in the Sky (I. Johansson)
Describing the everlasting passionate rite of passage through the mystery of life. A spirited lyrical song that sweeps through the emotions.

10. Sailboats (M. Sullivan, R. Sullivan)
A global theme of a young boy’s first separation from his family. Written with Mike’s oldest son.

11. The Dancer (M. Sullivan)
A re-mix of an old favorite about finding creativity in the most unlikely circumstances. Tara the dancer entices all men.

12. Pearl of America (I. Johansson)
A beautiful song rasing the sweetwater seas. A re-mix of the band’s signature song.

13. Castle Kelly (traditional)
The horndance concludes with a glimmer and stag exiting in the distance the next time.