Live Bait

The third recording, Live Bait, the band captured its well-known high energy performance in a live recording in a studio over three performances in front of a lively audience. The band wanted to put all the unrecorded favorite tunes from its career onto vinyl to capture an era in which the band gained a substantial following of fans.

Traditional jigs, reels, acapellas, high energy sing-a-longs, sweet harmonies, ballads, and a passionate story of the Great Lakes storms are included in this recording.

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  1. Conch & Flute Air/Crowleys Reel
  2. Botany Bay
  3. Rolling Down to Old Maui
  4. Haul Away Joe (dowload mp3!)
  5. Paddy Went to London/Tar Road to Sliga/Wizard’s Way/Mic’s Favorite
  6. Sail Away
  7. Three Sisters
  8. Michigan Farmer
  9. Morrison’s Jig/Pull Out the Knife and Stick It Again/Connaughtman’s Rambles
  10. Greenland Fisheries
  11. Drunkard’s Roll
  12. I Tell Me Ma
  13. Leave’er Johnny