Poets Say

The fifth release from Song of the Lakes, Poets Say, is a testimony of the versatility of the band. Traditional sounds of the Celtic Isles and Scandinavia keeps the band rooted in its own tradition. New sounds in new original songs takes the band into previously un-chartered territories resulting a mix of ballads, jigs, reels, chain gang song, almost country, and south American rhythms. With this project the band continues its quest to spread joy to its audience.

This recording, with the band’s creative song writing, musical arrangements, and strong delivery as cornerstones has brought the band to new heights. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Frontier Recordings in our home county it is a high quality product that does not compromise technical expectations of this day and age.

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  1. White Bird (download mp3, 5 MB)
  2. Butterfly/Brown Jug Of Ale
  3. Old Testament Sky (download mp3, 5.3 MB)
  4. Haggis
  5. Bossman Joe
  6. Amberetta
  7. Poets Say
  8. Montreux
  9. Castle Kelly/Coleraine
  10. Maddy Groves

Lyrics and liner notes.

Michael, Ingemar & Lisa did an interview with IPR News Radio of Interlochen about Poets Say. It’s in MP3 format and a bit large (10 MB) but well worth the wait.

I first got exposed to Song Of The Lakes while directing and shooting a documentary film on the ship wrecks of Thunder Bay in Lake Huron called Tragedies In The Mist. I used some of the groups music in that film as it fit the subject matter perfectly. If you like Irish music and Sea chants you got to love this group – they do a knock out job.Their new album Poets Say put their talent over the top. If you have any Irish blood in you – you have to have this CD – it speaks to your roots. Put it on – turn the volume up – close your eyes and you will feel the history and the ancestors filling your soul! Their music is like the blast of spray that hits you in the face when you stand on the bow of sailing ship as she beats through the waves – it wakes you up, lets you know you are alive and that things are pretty damn good!John D. Brooks
Director, Tragedies in The Mist