Walking the Plank

With Walking the Plank, the band released a recording that would set the stage for a trademark sound reaching a broad audience. A large following of fans would result. Half of the songs being originals and the other half being traditional with the unique Song of the Lakes’ twist. The introductory song “Man In the Mirror” would end up as a feature on the Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival Off’s first CD release following the group’s performance there during 1998. One of the band’s signature songs “Benzie Rover” is highly recommended for any activity around the house as is “20th Century Immigrant”. This recording has become a Song of the Lakes classic.

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  1. Man in the Mirror (dowload mp3!)
  2. 20th Century Immigrant
  3. Winter Waltz
  4. As I Roved Out
  5. Brian Boru
  6. Stand Up
  7. Johnny
  8. Benzie Rover
  9. Six Penny-Tobin’s Favorite-Ten Penny Bit
  10. Asia
  11. Jungman Jansson
  12. Betsie Bay-Sailor Jack